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Site Development

From start to finish, Soul Farms can complete your site development and construction needs. Soul Farms maintains heavy equipment to clear and grade land, move soil and prepare sites for future construction. Soul Farms will excavate and dig footers for new construction, outbuildings and additions. We have our own excavator and have access to larger machines should they be necessary to complete a job well. Together Doug and Geoff have more than a decade of experience with home renovations and new construction needs. Site development services we provide include the following:

  • Commercial Excavation

  • Drainage

  • Driveways

  • Asphalt

  • Excavation and Grading

  • Site Development


Soul Farms can provide all of your landscaping needs from design to installation for both residential and commercial properties. We know the exterior appearance is the first impression, and it matters. We can work together to transform your backyard or commercial outdoor space with the following services:

  • Landscape and Hardscape Design

  • Installation

  • Edging and Mulching

  • Trimming

  • Landscape Irrigation

  • Landscape Lighting

Hardscaping & Outdoor Living Spaces

Enjoy entertaining, relaxing and playing outdoors with an outdoor living space designed and built to fit your needs. We have a passion for stone and how something so natural and simple can create something so beautiful. We can design, install and repair outdoor projects made of natural stone, landscape pavers (brick, concrete, stone) and concrete. We specialize in:

  • Masonry and Hardscape Design

  • Patios and Terraces

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Seat Walls

  • Walkways/Sidewalks

  • Fireplaces (inside/outside)

  • Firepits

  • Retaining Walls

  • Other Outdoor Living Spaces


At Soul Farms, we believe cows are meant to graze on grass. As farmers, we are stewards of the land and caregivers to our animals.

All of our animals are humanely raised. We believe in sustainable agriculture, supporting local businesses and the family farm. We strive to live and farm in a balance that is beneficial for the animal, environment, farmer and customer.  We are taking steps to secure the farm life for the next generation.

We strive to live in harmony with nature while providing the best quality products.  Soul Farms cows are born, bred and or raised on our farm. Our cows graze in pastures, never in a feedlot. They receive no preservatives, no hormones and no steroids.

Benefits of grass-fed beef:

  • Beef is leaner and lower in calories than traditional grain-fed beef.

  • Two to six times the omega-3 fatty acids – “good fat”

  • Has about the same amount of fat as skinless chicken

  • Four times higher in Vitamin E


Soul Farms sells only in bulk prices. We sell whole, half and quarter shares of grass-fed beef. Weight is determined by pounds of meat received, not hanging weight. The amount of weight is determined by the size of the steer. At Soul Farms, we try to achieve a steer’s finished weight to be around 500lbs. All meat is hung for 12-14 days, cut to specifications and vacuum-sealed, and guaranteed no freezer burn for 1 year.

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